Eddy Paul Thomas


Serving as a Professor of Cross-Cultural Communications, a Director of Marketing and Communications for organizations with a global presence, and in a Program Developer's capacity in his career, Eddy has gained a working knowledge of how to navigate the intersection of organizational goals with inbound marketing strategies. Along the way, he has also built, managed, and inspired diverse teams and creative leaders.

In this forum, Eddy shares the highs and lows of building a successful organization and hopes that his insights on these lessons learned can help you to have a greater impact while achieving organizational goals.

Finding the Latest Tips and Strategies for Your Business in an Inbound World

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Finding a Seat at the Table

Far too often in my career, I would take the advice of coworkers who advised me to “wait my turn” or to “take my time” because the C-level executives would never want to hear from someone who's only been at the company for a few months. For years I thought this was how things were supposed to go until one day I decided to take a shot in the dark and sit down next to one of the company's VPs during lunch. It was mind-blowing! He was engaging and asked me about myself, where I was from, we talked sports, he asked questions pertaining to just about everything except work. And as we continued to have our chats every couple of weeks or so the exchange of ideas and work concepts eventually became

Learning to Trust the Process

In business, non-profit and for-profit alike, it is important to understand 3 major keys to getting employees to “trust the process” especially if you are going through a time of losing. Each year I witness several NBA basketball teams who eventually come to the realization their chances of competing for a championship are very slim. As a strategy, team executives work to protect their assets by “tanking.” By doing this they protect their star players from injury and build the value of younger prospects. This forfeiture of the season is always done while asking their fan base to “trust the process.” While instituting this practice the marketing and public relations departments are tasked wit

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