Christ Kingdom Church
Client Profile
Christ Kingdom Church is a community of
spirit-filled believers dedicated to making disciples for Jesus Christ in neighborhoods
and nations.

The Challenge

Christ Kindom Church was a small church in Maryland with the goal of having a greater impact not only in their community but around the world. In 2020, this small congregation faced a major challenge as Covid 19 pandemic put a halt to all of their services and outreach ministries. 
The church's desire was to rebrand, elevate its digital voice, create an online ministry platform, and develop an alternate stream of income in a time when the nation's economy was struggling.
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CKC Youtube Cover Healthy Christian Comm
We examined the target audience of Christ Kingdom Church, their current reach, and took inventory of their marketing assets. Through discovery meetings, we were able to pinpoint their plan and connect with its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which enabled us to better determine a digital solution for the church. 
The results were staggering! 

Social Media

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  • YouTube
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In creating a communications strategy, creating a cadence for social media efforts, and developing a digital community hub for its community, Christ Kingdom Church was able to engage with its congregation in new ways and increase attendance, responsiveness, and connectivity amongst attendees.
We were also able to create an online video and audio library for their congregation to watch and listen to powerful content whenever they want! 
We were also able to create a fully branded online outlet store with Christ Kingdom Church gear.

As the congregation quickly navigated the website and fell in love with its ease of use, demand quickly increased for more ministries to go online within the church, Because we took the time to build a solid strategic plan before building the site CKC was able to anticipate such growth and began rolling out a variety of ministries for man, women, children and even the elderly of the community. 

Web Design

Layout & Strategic Design

Copy Editing
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Content Design

Graphic Design

Video Strategy

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Video Strategy
As a church in the Washington D.C. area during the height of the 2020 pandemic Christ Kingdom Church was extremely limited in how they could reach their audience. With no ability to gather in person as a community CKC had to pivot towards a digital engagement strategy very quickly. In trusting The Upper Room Project to construct a video strategy for the target audience, CKC was able to develop a fruitful cadence for online events and worship that keeps their congregation engaged and inspired.
CKC Youtube Cover Healthy Christian Comm
CKC Youtube Cover Healthy Christian Comm

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