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The National African American Missions Council
(NAAMC) is recognized globally as a trailblazer in the world of missions and sets the standard for excellence in mobilizing African Americans and People of Color.

The Challenge

The National African American Missions Council had a desire to grow but at the time they approached The Upper Room Project they had hit a plateau. In a recent study, it was revealed that people of color made up less than 1% of missionaries serving cross-culturally. NAAMC wanted to change that in a big way.
The organization's desire was to rebrand, elevate its voice in the missions community, as well as educate African Americans and majority culture on the rich history of African Americans who not only serve in missions, but were also the first people to leave US shores to serve cross-culturally.
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We dug into the heart of NAAMC and discovered that the identity that had been developed was falling short of their goal. Through the process of developing a new brand identity, logo, and positioning statement, together we discovered that what was once an annual conference would need to develop into a year-round resource for missionaries, churches, and mission sending agencies around the world. 
NAAMC embraced the power of digital messaging and tackled the world of social media. Equipping NAAMC with the right tools and strategy they were able to thrive and blaze a digital trail during the pandemic of 2020.
Imagine waking up to the world in chaos and seeing your peer scrambling to figure out what to do next. That was the case for NAAMC in March of 2020. Despite the odds, NAAMC was able to grow its audience from an annual average of 430 attendees to more than 4,500 attendees.
Leveraging this exposure led to a number of opportunities for them to expand as an organization, develop year-round programming, and gain notoriety on an international scale.
Established NAAMC social media platforms.
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

As the restrictions of the pandemic tightened the demand for more NAAMC content and presence only grew. In order to meet the demand of their followers, The Upper Room Project transformed the NAAMC website into a global resource capable of hosting online events and providing members with countless resources focused on equipping, resourcing, networking, and mobilizing African Americans. This includes the launching of the Bishop David Perrin Resource Library.

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Video Strategy
One of the most impactful tools at NAAMC's disposal during their transition from an annual conference to a year-round mobilization resource was the use of video. In developing the NAAMC strategy we leveraged the use of video, dynamic visual effects, social media with virtual meeting platforms, and developed a cadence that the ever-growing list of supporters came to depend on. 
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NAAMC Visual Effects