As a ministry of Say Something Studios, The Rhythm of Faith podcast with Eddy Paul Thomas explores the lives of people around the world seeking to figure out if faith applies to the rhythm of their life.

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Beats. Faith. Life.

Each of us has a story. A story that makes us who we are, shapes what we believe, and guides our thoughts, actions, and words. 


Follow us on this journey and you will begin to see that those things that guide us through life are more alike than different across culture, race, sex, religion, and faith.


The Story of Mona


This episode, Eddy Paul sits down with a woman whose view of faith has changed over the years as she has experienced the best and worst of many of the world’s religions.

Special thanks to artists Makaih Beats, Audiobinger, Little Glass Men, Spinning Merkaba, DR, Mindseye, Kesha, Lee Rosevere, and Blue Dot Sessions for providing us with today’s soundtrack.

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Host and Producer

Solutionist, Impatient Optimist, and Habitual Line Stepper


Eddy Paul has interviewed people from around the globe according to a simple motto...


Never Stop Learning

From developing programs across the country for special needs children, underserved youth, refugees, victims of Hurricane Katrina, recidivism prevention, persons experiencing homelessness, racial reconciliation, and now globally persecuted Christians, Eddy has had the chance to live out his faith and meet people from all walks of life who have had amazing stories to tell.

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