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Control+Alt+Delete: Three Things that Impactful Organizations and Brands are Doing Right Now.

For any organization’s leadership, a time like this could be seen as a time of panic. A time where the first thought runs towards saving money. What cuts are necessary? What can we sell at a discount?

For other leaders, this could be a time for opportunity. Leaders who see this as an opportunity tend to have thoughts that run towards taking stock of the organization as a whole, reading the terrain, and deciding what are possible ways to reboot and equip their customers with what they need.

With Coronavirus (Covid 19) dominating every rung of socioeconomic strata and news, organizational leaders are faced with two realities based on their mindset…conceding to the “reality” of falling into a deep recession or looking into how to make a shift that would allow their goods or services to reach their buyers in a whole new way.

So which are you?

For those organizations that are fortunate enough to do at least a portion of their work remotely this time of forced isolation could serve as a time to find new and exciting ways to reach your audience in a time that they are also forced to say in place. To do so I would suggest the following three things:

1. Address the Consumer’s Basic Needs Before Mentioning Your Products or Service

The vast majority of your consumers are living on the edge of their seats while watching the world tumble into chaos. Their concerns are focused on consuming information and supplying themselves with what they deem essential goods. This is not the time to tell them how they “can’t live without your product.”

Now is the time to provide messaging to your target audience on how you are concerned about their health and safety above all else. Messaging that assures your customers of your organization’s human composition can go a long way towards building or maintaining trust in this time of high stress and confusion.

2. Leave Your Titles at the Virtual Door

As you are looking to adjust to this new reality, it is crucial to maintain trust and rally the troops within your organization. Some of the greatest ideas on new ways to reach your customers can come from entry-level employees. Fresh perspectives can spark electric conversations about delivery methods and slight product adjustments that could keep your organization from prematurely throwing in the towel while also engendering loyalty from your staff.

3. Strengthen Your Network

As you begin to develop your new plans for pivoting your organizational structure, delivery systems, and focus (no matter how slight) it is incredibly important to connect with your partners. If you utilize vendors or contractors to help deliver your goods or services now would be a great time to reach out and, not only see how they are doing in this new environment, but also ascertain whether or not they are equipped to make this pivot with you.

Equally, now would be a key time to investigate other potential partners to assess their capabilities as well as possible price points for their service.

Do not fall into despair. This new reality can be the beginning of something amazing for you. However, that decision is up to you.

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